Bar Storage Issues


Good Morning from Rainy Iowa!

Happy Birthday to our daughter Stephanie.

It’s packing day as we are Journeying On tomorrow. So I thought this would be a good time to talk about my Bar Storage. Before Full-Time RV living Norm had put a set of cabinets(Ikea) together for me in our Great Room and I had my Bar Area in one of them. That included my extensive set of crystal glassware that I have since either donated or stored in our storage locker in Florida. There were several shelves I used just for the Bar and I now find I have to be very creative in storing all of this here in the Kodiak. I have a cabinet that houses my Bourbon,Rum,Vodka,Gin,and other much needed liquors that I use to make cocktails. Now because this is a small cabinet and the bottles are tall I can’t add a shelf to get more room in there. So some of my mixers are stored across the room in another cabinet and what few pieces of glassware I have with us travel in one of the drawers along with the coffee mugs. The wine opener and other mixing tools are in a drawer. I would love to have an area in the Kodiak that I could set up for my “Bar” and another for my “Coffee/Tea Bar” but we are limited in the counter and floor space to do that.  However that doesn’t stop me from going out on Pintrest and dreaming. I hope one day to have my Kodiak completely organized. Laughing!!!!  I’ll just keep working on that.

Phone Update: My 97 year old Mom is able to hear much better with her new phone. So our morning conversations are much longer and better now.

It’s Sunday and rainy though Norm told me the rain wasn’t suppose to come in till this afternoon. The rain has decided to visit earlier. It’s a good day to work inside. I do feel for everyone that has to pack to go home today. Hopefully they don’t have a long drive ahead of them.

Well I need a coffee refill and Lily needs a walk though that may not happen right now. I hope everyone has a Peaceful Sunday.


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