Good Morning!

Yes it is windy here today. We had rain yesterday yet we were able to get our errands done. I am very grateful for that. We got home before the storms moved in. Yeah us! After breakfast today we will load the freezer into the back of the truck and I will go over to the laundry area and stay till it is done. We are trying to get all of it done today that we can outside as it is suppose to rain for the next 2 days. Norm doesn’t want to put away our screen room  wet so he will take it down and store it this morning. The wind has been drying it out for us. We were having gusts up to 25 miles per hour yesterday.

Have you ever notice how peaceful it is at Twilight and again at the Dawn of a new day. Twilight, it’s like at that moment in time the world calms itself and lets out a sigh that this day is over and after the night a new day will Dawn with a new set of challenges for the people of this world to face. How we face them is up to us and the circumstances of our surroundings. I hope everyone has an amazing Dawn, a beautiful Day, a peaceful Twilight and a restful Night.

Happy Saturday.


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