Good Morning Summer Time!


Today I just couldn’t think of a title as a bunch of random stuff is running through my head. You know things like my grocery list, why am I still wearing a light jacket on the First Day of Summer and the ever changing to do list of we’ve got to stop here, here and here before we grocery shop at Walmart and don’t forget to pick up my medicines. I hope my prescriptions are filled! Things like that. I did awaken at 5 am but I was just to warm and cozy thanks to Lily to get up. So I feel like I am running behind today. I’m not, I just feel like I am. So it’s one of those days!!!! Hopefully COFFEE can help!

Yesterday I did accomplish everything on my to-do list and that felt Awesome and Amazing. Did you ever notice all the stuff you think about while you are cleaning and how your mind jumps from the present to the past and just as quickly to the future. Then you think of something useful and before you can write it down you’ve already forgot it and moved on. Yep that’s cleaning for me a Trip down Memory Lane and a Trip into the Future.

Okay enough of that!

Today is grocery day. We changed the line-up on our errands as the weather is changing. We’re suppose to be getting rain and wind over the next few days and we figured we needed to get our errands done and then stay close to home. We did load the bikes yesterday and today Norm hopes to get a new inner-tube for his bike. There’s no repairing the  inner-tube that he has as it is the stem area causing the problem. Tomorrow will be the laundry and Sunday we will pack. We are not looking forward to packing the screen room wet but hope we can dry it out at the next park. One more park in Iowa and then we are in Missouri for a couple of months. We hope it’s warmer soon. I miss my Florida weather more than I imagined I would but I love what we are doing so we will just keep adjusting to all the different climate changes we are Journeying through! The weather is an Adventurer in itself!

Hope everyone has a Wonderful Friday and First Day of Summer.




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