Farm Country


Good Morning from Sunny Iowa! Just wait that is going to change in the next few days. We are suppose to get rain for the next 4 days. That will make some farmers happy and others groan. The ones groaning will be the farmers whose fields still have standing water on them. Yes, yesterday we passed quite a few fields that have water still on them. I feel for the farmers who are wanting to plant and can’t. Mother Nature she’s one of a kind!

We saw a lot of Iowa yesterday. Who knew there were so many hills in Iowa and that we could see Wisconsin from the overlook in the park and just how flooded the Mississippi is. wow that’s a lot of water!

On our trip there and back home yesterday we had a wonderful drive. There were so many farms big and small and we were blessed to see where some of the Amish people live. We saw some of them going about their everyday lives and it was amazing to us to see this. It reminds us of how the farmers of old did all their farming and all the hard work they and their families did. The whole country depends on the farmers for our food yet they are rarely recognized for all the good they do for us. That seems a shame to me that Farmers, Teachers, Veterans, Policemen and Firemen are rarely thanked for what they do for our country. Yes, there is Good and Bad in all professions but overall our country has it better than most. We should be grateful that these people are willing and dedicated enough to keep going even when it seems the whole country is against them. Thank-you.

We came upon two of these Tractors(not sure what exactly they are called) yesterday. This one we followed for 3 or 4 miles before we were able to get around it. The other one we were able to get around much quicker. These machines are so wide they drive on and off the road otherwise they would take up both lanes. Norm was surprised that they can do 35 mph. That impressed him a lot.

Today is a cleaning Thursday here at the Kodiak. I need to mop and since it’s the last, for sure, dry and sunny day I plan to get that done today. I do need to go out to the freezer and pick out something for dinner. Not sure what I plan on making but I think it will include chicken.

There’s a Rally here this week so we have a lot more people in the park. Lily loves it as there are more people to tell her how sweet and cute she is. She also gets a lot of petting on her walks so she’s in Heaven!!

Well I need more coffee and Lily needs her walk so I need to get moving. Hope everyone has a Pleasant Thursday full of Fun and Laughter.



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