Good Morning!

It’s a little dreary here. We did get some rain last night and we’re suppose to get more today. Today we are headed to Pike’s Peek State Park that’s over a 2 hour drive from there and a 2 hour drive back. We hope that it’s not raining when we get there. We want a chance to hike to the waterfall and up to the Mississippi River overlook. We are hoping that the views will be stunning.

I finally was able to ride Zoe 2.0 the other day after Norm filled the tires and adjusted the seat and handle bars for me. I am so short that though this bike is only 24″ I still have to have the seat all the way down or I can’t reach the ground with my feet when I stop the bike. Zoe is easy to ride as she is a cruiser bike with big tires and a big comfy seat. I learned to ride my bike on roads like these growing up so that’s not an issue, however hills are since we haven’t been able to ride a lot and I am out of practice. Hope to ride again tomorrow and over the week-end before we put them on the bike rack to Journey On. Norm’s bike has a flat tire so he will be checking that out too.

I did redo my closet ONE more time and believe me that was a planning nightmare! I know that in a few days I will be frustrated again with myself because I was tired and didn’t put everything away in the right place. It’s like a record on repeat I keep doing the same things over and over again and you’d think I’d get so tired that I’d change. Well I guess it really is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Especially if they don’t think they’re that exciting or important to do in the first place. I do keep all the drawers and cabinets neat and tidy in the rest of our Kodiak  but my closet is like the black hole where I toss EVERYTHING and say to myself I’ll get to you Tomorrow! Of course Tomorrow only comes when I really need something I can’t seem to find. Whew! Enough of that rant. I just have to accept that my closet  will never look like those I see on the web and go find something fun to do instead of dwelling on it.

I’ve been out on Pinterest looking at wall decor again. I want to up cycle the decor a little and I have some ideas of what I want however I am always open to new decorating ideas and when we return to Florida for the winter I will be raiding our storage locker for a lot of my decorating and craft supplies. Of course along our Journey I am looking to see if there is anything I want to pick up to add to the Kodiak’s decor. I do have to take into consideration wall, counter and storage space before buying anything. It’s a lot of fun looking though.

Well I need to get off here as the shower is calling my name and Lily still needs her walk. Hope everyone has an Amazing Wednesday filled with Peace and Love.


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