Change Of Plans


Good Morning!

Well today is a beautiful sunny day here in Iowa and we are going to explore the Amana Community Church Museum. It should be interesting. Norm and I had also planned to have lunch at P.H.A.T. Daddy’s again but we found out yesterday that they closed their business the day we ate there. That was a shock! They were the only wood fired pizza place around. Norm enjoys pizza baked in a wood fired oven and we normally go to a place in Deland, Florida when he has a pizza craving. Well he was very excited when we found P.H.A.T. Daddy’s but now that they have closed we’ve had to change our plans for lunch and are just going to come back home after we visit the church. That’s okay we’ve been dining out a lot here recently and our waistlines could use a little less of that and a lot more exercise!

Maybe later today we can go for a bike ride around the camp area here. It’s pretty flat and the roads are pretty easy to ride on. EXERCISE!!!!!

Yesterday our new bike cover arrived. Hurrah! That bike cover has been doing a lot of traveling and has visited a lot of states before arriving here in Iowa. It was suppose to get here the day after we ordered it but in reality it took almost a week to get to us. Somethings do not go according to plan and you just have to adjust your way of thinking. Some days that’s easy to do and some days it’s not.

The last couple of mornings I have awakened early. Now don’t get me wrong I am grateful for that. Yesterday it was 5:20 a.m. today it was 5:00 a.m. I am okay with this as it gives me quite time for my devotions and exercise. I only did a few of those this morning. I know I need to do more and get back in the groove. I also need to redo my closet again. Boy if you don’t stay on top of that, your closet becomes a bottomless pit no matter how well organized it is. So it’s closet intervention time again. Things are jumping out at me and that is a scary thing to happen especially if you are in a hurry to grab an outfit and go. Not happening in my closet at the present time. After Thursday it will be safe for me to open that closet door again!!!

Well time to stop the rambling and get ready to face the day. I need coffee and Lily will need her walk soon. Hope everyone has a Tuesday that is peaceful and pleasant.


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