Little Pink Mustang


Good Morning!

Happy Birthday to our daughter Nikki hope you have an amazing day.

At the Country Junction we saw this PINK Mustang and I had to take a closer look at it. They even had pink fur dice hanging from the rear view mirror. I LOVED it so I had to have Norm take a picture of us together. It’s a sweet car and I don’t know which one of the customers owned it wish I did. The car was gone when we walked out later. I really wanted to get a couple more pictures of it.

They decided to mow the grass around our campsite and I am grateful for that. But the grass is wet and sticks to everything and so we are bringing it in the Kodiak every time you step outside. I see a lot of sweeping in my future!

Taressa and Chuck we had some of the wine you gave us with dinner last evening and it was delicious. Thank-you again. We hope you arrived safely back home.

Well Norm and I are going to I-Hop for breakfast this morning. Then it’s back home to do some chores and some video work. Norm spends a lot of time editing our videos before they go out on U-Tube. It’s overcast here today so it’s a nice day to stay home. Then the next 2 days we will be exploring again. I can’t wait! Hope the rains hold off though. Hiking in the rain isn’t a lot of fun!

Well I need to get moving my coffee cup is almost dry. Hello coffee pot I need a refill. Hope everyone has a Pleasant Monday filled with fun and prosperity.




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