Happy Father’s Day


Good Morning!

I want to wish all the Dads out there a Happy Father’s Day.  Norm I hope you have an awesome day filled with Love and BBQ.

When we were at Gander Mountain the other day I found this shirt for Norm. He does enjoy looking for Big Foot when we are hiking. I thought this tee shirt was perfect for him. He wore it on our Adventures yesterday. We had a wonderful day exploring the Field of Dreams, only wish the corn had been higher than my ankle because there was no way you could disappear in it. Though we did do a lot of shopping while we were there. So expect to see new tee shirts and hats in our future posts. Then we had lunch and the food at the Country Junction was amazing especially the PIES! We then went exploring and found a Veterans Memorial and a Doll Museum. We only had a few minutes to explore the Doll Museum but what we did see was wonderful. We both wish we had the time to take the full tour as our guide was a pleasant Lady and knew all about the furniture and dolls there. Then it was off to the Farm Tractor Toy Museum where we met up with Teressa and Chuck and had a wonderful visit and fun touring the museum. Hey they even have a Pink tractor on display.

Thank you to Teressa and Chuck for the wine and the bag. I will be using that bag a lot and we are planning to open a bottle of the wine today to go with dinner. It was a lot of fun meeting you two and we only wish we could have went and had a coffee and talked some more. Safe travels to you both.

We stopped at Long John Silvers on the way home and picked up dinner and hurried home to our Lily. We made it just in time. We got Lily out and unloaded the truck before the storms rolled in. Norm and I were very grateful we made it home before the storm.

My Mom had a wonderful time at the Family Reunion. I am so glad for that. She had a lot to tell me this morning.

Today is dreary and we are staying home today. I plan to get on my computer later and do some e-mail. I’m not fond of using my computer I always seem to hit the wrong key and cause myself issues. I think my computer is right up there with the knats and love bugs on my list of things I dislike the most.

Well I need to get moving Lily will need a walk and I need more coffee. Hope everyone has a Wonderful Sunday filled with Love and Family.



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