Field Of Dreams


Good Morning!

What a story this barn could tell if it only had a voice. I wonder just how long it’s been standing and what changes it has seen in it’s life. It’s old now and it looks like it could fall over at any moment but it’s still hanging in there standing strong and proud. This barn makes me think of our country we have seen the worst and best of mankind and we are still a nation standing strong. Maybe not as strong as we were when we were first founded but we were younger then. Now we are like this barn we’re hanging in there and standing as strong and as proud as we were the day we were founded. We may not be as unified as we would like but we can work on that and come together again. Not because of who’s in office but because we are The American People and We As A Nation Stand Strong and Proud.

Today is our trip to the Field of Dreams. Norm and I are excited to go and see it. We watched the movie last night and ate some awesome homemade fudge we got at the fudge store in the Amana Colonies. We have enjoyed this movie so often we know the dialogue by heart and we actually say it along with the actors. Will do some shopping at the gift shop I am sure is there. Hum wonder what we will find. Then we are meeting up with Chuck and Taressa at the Farm Toy Museum. That should be fun.

Today is my family’s reunion and my Mom will be able to go. She and my Aunt started this oh so many years ago and my Mom hasn’t missed any of them.  Mom was telling me this morning so many of them are gone now and she really wants to go. She may not be able to stay long but she is excited to go. I hope she has fun.

We are again battling  the large ants. Norm has sprayed again. We had this battle in Florida and Georgia but then it stopped and now here it is again. Sigh!!!

Well I need to get a move on as we need to leave around 9 or 9:30. Lily needs her walk and I need to do a few things here before we leave. So coffee pot here I come.

Hope everyone has a Special Saturday filled with Love and Laughter.



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