Good Morning!

Today is errand and chore day. Norm is emptying the tanks and going up on the roof to check on the AC fan again. He had to do that yesterday evening too. He’s going to get the part number for the fan today we may have to replace it sooner than we would like.

Last evening my Brother had to take our 97 year old  Mother to the hospital. She had fallen and he was very concerned about broken bones. The good news is it’s only bruising and later they released her to go back home. We’re very grateful for that.

Amana Colonies: We had a fun time exploring the town but we were a little disappointed too.  When we planned this three years ago we thought this would be an area where you would see people doing their craft as well as quaint little shops. We discovered that is not the case. Only one or two areas do show them working their craft or so we read in the brochure. We didn’t see this for ourselves as we didn’t visit them. The shops are there and it was enjoyable walking through the ones that caught our eye. However we only went in one of the winery shops and the wine was delicious so we bought 3 bottles. The one I put in the refrigerator is Rhubarb. We tried this at the winery and it was wonderful so we had to get a bottle. Only wish the bottle was bigger. Onward- the plantings of flowers were so beautiful and vibrant that I was constantly commenting on them. We didn’t make the Brewery because they were closed when we arrived and we didn’t want to backtrack unless it was for lunch. That we had at P.H.A.T. Daddy’s. They have wood fired ovens that they bake their pizzas in. We both had pizza. Norm’s was sausage and pepperoni and min was crab ragoon. It was good but I wouldn’t order it again. There wasn’t a lot of crab on it and most of all the toppings were in the middle. It was also very sticky so be prepared with a bunch of napkins and wet ones. We did visit the meat market/smokehouse and all it really is it’s just a meat market with a small store attached. I did get some pepper bacon there though. The highlight of our day was the Museum we felt it was worth the 8 dollars a person to tour it and this gets you a ticket to the Communal Kitchens and the Church. You just have to show your ticket to go in. We haven’t done these yet. Maybe next week. All in all we had a very good day and we ended it with lunch and a trip to the meat market/smokehouse.

Today we are taking a trip to Gander Mountain and a doing a few errand too. Groceries is on the top of the list.

I need to get a move on as I want to call my Mom and Lily will need her walk and I need COFFEE!!!!


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