Wind In My Ears


Lily discovered it’s hard to be in fashion when the wind is blowing. Yes, I was able to take a couple of pictures of Miss Lily having a bad hair day courtesy of the wind. She didn’t seem to mind as she was to busy watching for Norm to get back from the visitor center.

Good Morning from a windy Iowa. Earlier there was no wind and then all of a sudden here comes the wind. I just fixed my hair and there is not enough Hair Spray in the Kodiak to stop the wind from messing with my hairstyle.

Today we are going to go explore a section of Amana Colonies. Each section of the Amana Colonies has a name added to the front of Amana. Such as High Amana and so on. We hope to explore several of these sections today. Though we may save a few for next week. We will see.

We did have rain off and on all day and evening yesterday. It was a good day to stay in camp and do a few chores and read a good book. Oh they have an exchange Library here at the park and I plan to take a couple of books over and exchange for a couple of different ones. Paperback and hardback books are great to read outside or at the pool(there isn’t one here) or at the beach. I find using my Kindle or phone hard, do to the glare of the sun.

Lily is needing her walk and I need more coffee. One cup is never enough. I hope everyone has a Special Thursday filled with Happiness, Joy and most of all Love.




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