Our F350 Ford Dually

Our truck! Yes, we were pretty excited when we picked her up. What is she? We bought a F350 Super Duty Turbo 6.7L (460 cu in) Diesel 4X4. Having driven this this for nine months, we know it’ll haul and tow anything we throw at it! And as far as MPG, we’re surprisingly getting 10.7 MPG overall. That includes both highway and city driving.


The Power Stroke engine is, well, massive! There’s only a few items under the hood I’ll ever deal with and those are: water reservoir, and batteries. Everything else is Ford’s problem. We have had service done on the rig for standard oil change, fuse box review to get our RV running lights to work, and a needed brake job. Getting this serviced every 6 months on the road just means we’ll be taking it to whatever Ford dealer is close to us at the campground we happen to be staying at.

Interior room of the truck is pretty standard, so no special features here.


And now for the Leer truck cap and the Cargo Glide tray. We purchased both from Cap World of Florida for $3,500. Now before you have heart failure with that number, let me explain our reasons for spending the cash. Room. We wanted the flair at the rear which would allow a higher ceiling, which has given us the room to stack an extra storage container – 3 high. The truck has an eight foot bed, so of course you’re going to pay extra for a 8′ verses a 6′ bed. The 8′ bed of course which allows us more room for our containers. The flair has also helped with wind direction up and over the rear bike racks to the roof of the RV. The cargo tray is something we had to have, as it prevents us from having to unload the entire truck, just to get to a rear container.

Along with carrying 13 storage containers, we also have room for Lily’s collapsible fence, a screen room, and a collapsible cart. We have a few smaller miscellaneous items, but one of the upfront items sitting on the glide tray is our Dometic freezer. We ordered the freezer tray separately, and fits perfectly on the truck’s glide tray. The freezer tray also moves in/out, which makes it easy to move the freezer to the side of the RV while we’re stationary, and to the truck when we’re on the move. I’ve also tapped into the overhead cap light (we never use this) with a 12-volt cigarette lighter connection that allows me to plug in the freezer when we’re moving.

So, if there’s something I’ve forgotten to mention, or you have a question about our setup, feel free to ask away.

And as always, Happy Camping!


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