Home Is Where The Heart Is


Good Morning Iowa!

Home Is Where The Heart Is- that is a statement I have heard all my life. I often wonder what that statement means to most people. We are all so different in the way we perceive things. To me Home can be a person, a place or anything that gives me a true feeling of love, acceptance, kindness, caring, peace and safety. The Heart of my home is Norm and my Family. Now my family maybe the people who are kin to me or they maybe the family I have gathered along my Life’s Journey. These people are the Sisters and Brothers of my Heart. They weren’t given to me at birth but were given to me as I moved forward in my life. Some came when I needed a shoulder to cry on or arms to hold me tight as I grieved for something I lost. There are so many times we loose our way or loose those we love and need. I am grateful to all my  family and extended family for being there when I have needed them the most. Of course along the way I have had some amazing pets who have loved me unconditionally and I am grateful to them. Our Lily is a wonderful friend even when she drives me crazy. I am so grateful that on this Journey I have Norm the Heart of my home and our Home the Kodiak with me. I am truly blessed!

Today is another stay at home day. A few more odds and ends to do today then tomorrow we start our exploration of the Amana Colonies. There are a lot of shops and they have a Christmas Store and an Old Time toy store too. I am hoping to do a little Christmas shopping while we are here. Oh I forgot to mention wine and a brewery too. Lots of interesting shops and places to explore.

So far the rain has held off and I am glad as I need to walk Miss Lily. She doesn’t like the GRASS at all and will only walk on it if FORCED!!!!! She will walk on the road but she refuses to set foot on the grass! She’s a pavement and gravel road Pup and she has no intention of changing her ways!!!

Well I need to get a move on or Lily will be walking in the rain. I can hear our neighbors getting ready to pull out. I wish them a safe journey.

Hope everyone has a Lovely Wednesday filled with Sunshine and Rainbows.




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