Awe Camelot!


Just one more picture of Camelot. This is where Norm is doing his King Arthur impersonation. Yes, he is trying to yank the sword out of the stone and it isn’t budging an inch! They did a really good job of putting that sword in that stone! Oh well Norm’s no King Arthur but he’s my Prince among Men!

A Good Morning to you from windy Iowa. The wind has died down for now but is suppose to pick back up later. We aren’t use to the wind being like this. Norm pulled our awning back in yesterday and he’s only had to do that once before. We stopped at the office last evening to see if we could put our screen room up and they said yes. That’s awesome as we now have a dry area to store our freezer,chairs and bikes. We are suppose to get rain in tonight and tomorrow and the cover we got for the freezer isn’t water proof. We also have to replace the bike cover as it has ripped and is no longer any protection for our bikes. Just another item that takes a beating when we are on the road. The wind,sun and rain take a toil on bike covers for sure and they just can’t hold up as long as you would like them to, which is forever! Along the way we need to get the F350 an oil change too.

Mom did get her phone but I can’t tell much difference in our conversations. I don’t know how high the volume is set. Mom said she needs it set higher and I hope it can be for her sake. If it’s at it’s top setting then there is not much else we can do. She’s 97 and her hearing and sight are not good any more but she insists on living alone. She’s very Independent!

Today and tomorrow we are staying at camp to do some chores and get some video done. We are putting up the screen room, taking down the bikes and riding them and doing some odd jobs around the RV. Today will be the first time I’ve ridden Zoe 2.0! Excited!!!

Well I need to get moving.

Devotions and a Lily walk are next on my to do list.

Hope everyone has a Totally Amazing Tuesday filled with Fun, Joy and Laughter.




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