Welcome To Camelot


Good Morning! Welcome to Windy Illinois!

Early this morning Norm had to get up and bring in our awning. The wind was blowing so hard that he was worried about it even though we had it tied down. We’re also back in the 60’s degree wise so there goes what I had planned to wear today. Oh well that’s why I have more than one outfit in my closet.

We took a walk down to see where we would of camped and found our old site is still under water. So I am grateful to be on a dry level campsite  but I am still sad I couldn’t be on the pull-through site that has a view of the lake. guess I am never completely satisfied. Sigh!!! However we are close to the entrance and can pull out rather quickly this morning. That is a good thing.

I find that this KOA’s owners were very creative in making the old grain silos look like a castle. The graphics painted on them are quite realistic and fun. They even have a sword in the stone and of course Norm had to try and pull it out. It didn’t budge an inch!

At this KOA there is a lot for children and adults to do here such as mini golf, a play ground, pool, hot tub and ball pit plus the lake. There are many ways to camp here from tents to cabins and they even have an area for motorcycles that has a cover so your bike stays dry. All in all it’s been a good Whistle Stop stay for us.

Today we move onto Iowa and I am Happy to be Journeying On. Saturday we will be at the Field Of Dreams for their 30th Anniversary. We are both excited and Colleen and Makayla we have not forgotten you!

Okay phone update: Mom’s received the phone but do to my brother’s work schedule it’s not been installed yet. I am hoping by this week-end it will be.

Time flies when you’re having fun!  I do have to pack down this morning and take Lily for a walk yet so I guess I had better get a move on.

Hope everyone has a Marvelous Monday full of Wonderful Memories.














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