Good Morning!

Hope this finds you warm and DRY!!! We have seen first hand what some of the flooding looks like as we came into Illinois. The KOA here called us while we were in route to tell us our Pull Through site was still under water but they had a new site we could have. When we got here, after a seven and a half hour drive they told us we needed Four Wheel Drive to put our Kodiak in our site. Thank heaven our F350 is a Four Wheel Drive and She had no issues at all getting the Kodiak onto our site. We were Blessed the site is level and we didn’t have to unhitch. Yeah Us! Okay you know you aren’t in Florida any more when the road your site is on is Beer Belly Boulevard! We are here today and we leave for Iowa tomorrow. Only a 2 hour drive from here. Excited!

Let’s talk about Detours. We were in a lot of them yesterday. They started while we were still in Indiana and then just continued up into Illinois. I do wish that the planners of these detours would take into consideration that not everyone is in a small car. That some of us are towing behind us a RV that is over 32 feet in length and doesn’t turn or stop on a dime and give back change! That being said we did have to go past where we were suppose to turn and find a way to turn us around using some clever turn here and here and here till we were back on the road to get back on the Interstate. It is frustrating and stressful and the SIGNS need to be bigger so you can see them better too. Whew I still feel the frustration just writing about it. Then we had to adjust to seeing the signs that use pictures instead of words. They have a picture of a gas pump on them and that’s great but it doesn’t tell me if they have just gas or do they have diesel too. I felt like I’ve been playing Pictionary for the last couple of days. That has made me read the Bill Boards as we pass looking for the Loves, Bps, Pilots or Marathons because they carry diesel. I have not read that many Bill Boards since I was a kid! Don’t get me started about the roads either. Our poor F350 and Kodiak took a beating getting here and we had some cabinets and drawers that tried to come open. Thank heavens for Child Proof latches. We were Blessed we arrived safely and in one piece and for that I am very grateful.

We saw a lot of wind mills and they look so neat. I took a lot of video of them. However me videoing the Illinois sign may not have been my best video of the day. We will see when Norm downloads my camera. I did think this wind mill was unique. We saw this at the last rest stop before we reached our destination here in Illinois so I took a picture of it. Neat huh?

Well I have rambled long enough and Lily wants her walk. That should be interesting for sure. Hope everyone has a Wonderful Sunday filled with Peace and Joy.



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