Good Morning!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and we are at the KOA in Indiana. The view out our back window is a newly plowed and I gather sowed field. This is a far cry from a lot of the parks we have stayed at in the last 9 months. There are so many birds I love to watch them and hear them sing but I haven’t a clue what ones they are. Okay there are a few that I know but that leaves the rest of the bird population unknown to me! They are fun to watch though. The park here asks you to stay off the neighbors property and that is understandable. They also warn you there are Opossums, Raccoons and Coyotes  so keep your trash picked up and put in the dumpster or you will have a night time visitor or two. They have a pool and that is where we plan to spend most of our day. I plan to work on my TAN!!! Tomorrow we are Journeying On to Illinois and another private park. It seems there will be more pool time in my future.

As we were leaving Bardstown, Kentucky oh the smell of Bourbon Fermenting was in the air and we sighed and enjoyed the scent of it. Of course down the road a ways someone had made Road Kill out of a Skunk and we did our best  to avoid it and not inhale to deeply the aroma of Pole Kitty. The Longer the Pole the Better!!! What a send off we got from Kentucky!

Okay no one warned me about the Bridge that you go over into Indiana. It was wide I agree but those big Trucks just make that bridge seem small especially when they are running right beside me. I did get some video of going over it but I didn’t know the sign was at the end of the bridge till the truck next to us moved and it was to late to get a video of it. Hope the Go-Pro got it. Norm found me a Welcome sign at the Rest Stop and I got a picture and video of it. Yeah Me!

Hopefully Mom’s phone gets delivered today as UPS was trying to deliver it to the wrong town yesterday. They sent Norm a text and he called them and eventually they got it straightened out. Whew Mom has a new address that the Highway Patrol use for their 911 calls and it also has to be her mailing address but UPS didn’t know that. What a mess that caused. Fixed now though. Life Is Good!

Time to get moving I need coffee, Lily needs a walk and my stomach is telling me I need to feed it. Sigh!

Hope everyone has an Awesome Friday filled with Fun, Faith and Good Fortune.




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