Lily’s Thank-You


Good Morning!

We had storms pass through last night and the awesomeness is No Rain here till this afternoon. We can Journey On with no rain issues. That is a Wonderful thing for sure. It makes traveling so much easier.

I baked cookies and brownies yesterday. As I have often said there is a learning curve with a new oven and yesterday I had another experience of that. My brownies when tested came out clean but later when I went to cut them I found that they really were not done. Thank heavens for the microwave oven. That saved the day.

Lily has made a fast friend here with the Park Supervisor to the tune of having a baggie of treats delivered to our campsite just for her. Every time she goes by on her cart she waves and calls a Hello Lily. So Lily and I decided to take her some cookies to say Thank-You for being so sweet and helpful. We walked up to the check in station and delivered the cookies. Of course after much petting out comes the bag of treats and Miss Lily gets TWO of them! We said our good-byes and headed back to camp and this was not on Lily’s agenda she wanted to ROAM. We did eventually get back to camp and I continued to pack the Kodiak for today’s Journey.

Today my Mom’s new phone should be delivered so I am hoping that real soon our conversations will be less yelling and more talking for both of us. She can’t hear me even if I am yelling. Her hearing has worsened and her phone is wearing out too. So a new phone for the Hearing Impaired is being delivered today. I’ll let you know how that works out for her.

Well I need to get moving as we are hoping to leave by 10 this morning. Lily needs her walk and I need more coffee.

Hope everyone has a Safe and Peaceful Thursday filled with Joy.



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