Saturday Night Campfire and Cocktails


Good Morning from a Rainy Kentucky!

Yes we are do to have rain all day today and tomorrow. We are also moving into more rain as we Journey On to Indiana tomorrow. Indiana and Illinois are just Whistle Stops on our way to Iowa. That means just a 2 night stay and we hope to keep the F350 hitched to the Kodiak. That makes leaving early so much easier especially if it’s raining. We are hoping we don’t have to hitch and empty our tanks in the rain tomorrow.

Our last Saturday night here in Kentucky we had a campfire. I made Bourbon cocktails to enjoy while sitting beside the fire. A big thank- you to our friends from Alabama for the wood. I don’t know which we enjoyed more the campfire or the cocktails!

We had some new neighbors move in and they hale from Missouri. Norm met them last night and they are from St. Louis. They even know some of the same people that Norm went to school with. Small World!

Yesterday we did the laundry, filled up the Ford, dropped mail in the mail box and we were back at camp by noon. That’s amazing to us. It usually takes a lot longer to do all of that. We were blessed yesterday. We also ordered my Mom a hearing impaired phone. It is suppose to arrive tomorrow and then my brother can install it and Mom can enjoy her phone conversations again. That would be a blessing for her and all of us.

Today is Pack Down Day. I will be busy trying to put as much away today as I can. I am also going to do some baking and cooking for our trip tomorrow. We want to take some treats up to Lily’s sweet friend who delivered her a bag of dog treats yesterday. She just loves our Lily. Lily knows where we have put that bag too and she lets us know they are hers and she should have them as often as she wants them!!! Not Happening Lily!

I am out of coffee and need a refill so coffee pot here I come. Norm already walked the Lily so next on my agenda is fixing breakfast then let the baking and packing begin!

Hope everyone has a Wonderful Wednesday filled with Patience, Peace and Love.






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