Norm’s Exploring Again


Good Morning!

Hope everyone is doing well this Tuesday morning. Today is laundry and emptying the tanks day. I am glad that is one of Norm’s jobs. Busy day again and looks like it will be another pretty day here. Maybe we will get to sit outside and enjoy the weather later.

The other day at the My Old Kentucky Home while walking around the grounds we wandered down to the Spring House and Norm just had to explore the area that was open. He said it was like a small cellar area. Since there wasn’t a plaque telling us what they used the building for only it’s name we had to do a little research on it. What we’ve read since is that a Spring House was used to keep the spring water clean and also used for refrigeration as this was before ice deliveries and electric refrigeration. It was a neat building only wish we could have went inside it.

I am trying to get my self back into the exercise groove. I haven’t accomplished that yet and it will just have to wait till I get to Indiana now. I know I need to exercise more and the mind is willing but the body is saying that chair sure looks comfy let’s sit awhile. The body is winning so far but not much longer so says the mind.

We are hoping the rains hold off till we are hitched and gone before they come in here. We are also hoping they hold off till we arrive and set up in Indiana before they come in there. Yes we are suppose to have rain over the next few days. The next two Journeys are going to be Whistle Stops of 2 days and if the sites are level and long enough we don’t plan to even unhitch. That makes leaving early so much easier and we do need to leave early from one of these stops. We will have a long drive of 7 hours from Indiana to Illinois. Wish us LUCK on the leaving EARLY! We seem to be on Island Time. When we are trying to leave early  that’s when we seem to move in slow motion!

Well I need to get a move on as there are a few things I need to get done before we go do the laundry. Hope your Tuesday is Blessed with Love, Laughter and Happiness.




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