Good Morning!

Yes it’s Monday again. Isn’t it strange how slow the week goes and then how fast the week-end flies by. We used to complain about that a lot when we were younger and not part of the Retired Community.  We seemed to always be in a hurry even when we were on vacation. Now that we are retired we move to a different drummer and at a different pace. It has taken us a few years to become adjusted to this and at times we seem to revert back and have to remind ourselves we are RETIRED!

We went to the Berheim Arboretum and Research Forest yesterday and we were able to see the Forrest Giants. There is a path that takes you to see them and it’s about a 2 mile walk in total. They are unique and interesting. I wonder if there will be more of them in the future.  We walked through a Holly Tree grove and each tree had a name plaque telling you the name of the tree.  The trees had green berries on them and I had to stop and take a closer look at them. The brochure we had said to arrive early because it will get crowded. So we did arrive early. It is about 30 minutes from camp and we left at 8:30 and even though we got there by 9 am there was already a crowd of people. A lot of them were fishing as you could fish without a licence yesterday. By the time we were done with our walk the crowds were getting thicker. They do offer guided tours and we met one on our way back to the Visitors Center. We had lunch at  Isaac’s Cafe and the food was very good. The picture I used today was of the Lake we crossed while on our walk. It was a very peaceful and a serene place to sit and relax for a few minutes. The breeze was wonderful as the day was a little warm. We met some very nice people while on this hike. If you’re ever in Bardstown, Kentucky this is a neat place to visit and they do have 40 miles of hiking trails if you want to explore more. We do plan on coming back and checking out those other hiking trails.

After we got back to camp we spent the rest of the day relaxing outside with the Lily and listening to the golfers teeing off. Of course Lily took an immediate dislike to a squirrel who dared come into her domain. There was a lot of barking going on which the squirrel just ignored. It was a pleasant way to spend the afternoon.

Today is our grocery run and a few other errands as we get ready to Journey On Thursday.

Hope everyone has a Great Monday filled with Hope.


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