My Old Kentucky Home


Good Morning!

Hope everyone is doing well this Sunday morning. Can you believe it’s June the second already? I can’t and June has a lot of important dates to remember and celebrate. Father’s Day is on it’s way, our two daughters have their birthdays and it’s our 41st anniversary.  Wow how time flies! Then their are the firsts for us as we are visiting Indiana and Iowa on our first year’s trip as RV Nomads. So June is promising to be a busy and exciting Month.

Yesterday we visited My Old Kentucky Home. It’s beautiful inside but we weren’t that impressed with the grounds or the outside of the home. I do wish they had put up information markers around the grounds so you would be able to read what each area or building was used for. That being said the inside of the home is beautiful and our tour guide was a knowledgeable young man with a beautiful voice. He sang us the song My Old Kentucky Home Goodnight and his voice was just wonderful to listen to. The only problem I had on this tour was we weren’t allowed to video or take any pictures once we entered the home. I would have loved to have some pictures of the rooms and a few of the furnishings like the foot bath in the kitchen and the other one in the nursery. The other disappointment was the carriage house was closed so we couldn’t see in there at all. Supposedly there are carriages in there as another guest told us and she has toured here before and saw them. Still if your ever are here take the tour it is interesting and the mansion inside is beautiful. There is a charge to tour the place so you can get all that information at the visitor center there on the grounds.

Today we are hiking so I need to get a move on. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.


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