Good Morning!

Hope this morning finds you Fit As A Fiddle.

As promised here is a picture of all our Kentucky Bourbon Trail Swag. Yes there is a lot there but hey I didn’t get everything I wanted so I thought I did good! I also managed to fill a cabinet with my liquor and hopefully there is still room for a couple of bottles of Rum. Then I am all set for Cocktail Hour!

I feel for anyone who has a hearing problem. It effects their lives so much but it also effects the lives of everyone around them. The last two mornings when I called my Mom she can’t hear me. She’s messed with her phone again though she is blaming the storms she’s had lately as the culprit. We are pretty sure it’s her punching  all the buttons on her phone that have caused this. So she tells me to talk louder and I am screaming and she still can’t hear me. So I hope she gets her phone fixed today and then I hope she will leave the buttons alone in the future but knowing her that isn’t going to happen. Even though she can’t hear me has not stopped her from asking me a question she’s asked me over and over again. I keep giving her the same answer and I guess it’s not the one she wants to hear so she asks me again the next day. I guess she’s hoping the answer will be different. That answer will not change for at least another week. I love her so much and it is so sad when they can’t do what they are so use to doing. It breaks your heart.

Today is our walking tour of Bardstown Kentucky. We know we will not cover the whole trail but we will do the parts that interest us the most. I am looking forward to this walk. The town looks so neat when we’ve driven through it and there are some really neat houses and old building to see.

First I have a few things to do hear at the Kodiak so I guess I had better get a move on. Hope all of you have a Fabulous Friday filled with Hugs and Kisses from those you Love.



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