A Day In Camp


Good Morning!

I went looking for a picture and decided on this one from Tennessee. Yes, I know we’re in Kentucky but I just haven’t been able to get  many pictures of Mother Nature here yet. Mostly I see a golf course and though it is pretty and green I wanted something besides a golf course to go with today’s post. So here is a shot from Cumberland Mountain S.P.

We had some rain yesterday afternoon but it stopped before our last tour began. We’ve had a wonderful two days on the Bourbon Trail and it’s been fun learning about Bourbon and Whiskey making and doing this along side Norm has been wonderful. What an Adventure! I learned I like my Bourbon Neat and Norm likes his with two drops of water added. Who knew, we didn’t, that we would like drinking Bourbon without it being in a mixed drink! Yes I did do Retail Therapy and some Christmas shopping the last two days. I will post a picture of the SWAG we picked up minus the Christmas gifts of course. Can’t spoil the Campfire Christmas Surprises so no pictures will be posted of the gifts we buy.

Today we are in camp, chore day. No matter how much fun you’re having you still have to clean your RV. It’s just a fact of life cleaning is necessary and until they find a way to get my RV to clean itself I have to do it. No excuses allowed! Norm is planning to finish the wine rack today and also do some modifications on our outside lamp. So it should be a busy day. I have to find a cabinet to store all my liquor in as my Bourbon collection has GROWN! I am a VERY Happy Camper!

Tomorrow we are planning to visit Bardstown and do the walking tour. My tennis shoes are getting a work our this week. On Saturday we want to visit the rest of My Old Kentucky Home S.P. and see what all there is there. It’s just down the road from the campground we’re staying in. So that should be fun and then a campfire with either campfire coffee or maybe tea this time. Then Sunday we are off to the Berheim Arboretum and Research Forest for some hiking. So off with the tennis shoes and on with the hikers. So yes we still have a lot to see and do before we do our usual chores and provisioning and packing to Journey On to our next Adventures. Fun Times.

We’re suppose to get some rain so I guess I need to move a little faster and get Miss Lily out for her morning walk before that rain comes in. I also need more coffee to get me moving today. Hope all of you have a Thursday filled with Peace and Happiness.


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