Bourbon Trail


Good Morning!

Yes today we do our first two distilleries on the Bourbon Trail. We have picked out four distilleries to visit as the price of the tours varies from one being FREE to another coasting over a 100 plus dollars. As you can see this is so out of our budget. We picked four of the budget friendly ones to see. I will let you know how our tours and tastings went.

When you have a golf course as your back yard you tend to watch the players a lot. If you look real close in this picture you will see a line of golf carts and they are waiting to head into the club house as there is a storm approaching. The storm did cause a few who weren’t paying attention to rush for the club house as the rains began. Otherwise we have a stunning few out the Kodiak’s back windows pretty and very green.

We visited Louisville twice yesterday once for Lily and to get parts for Norm’s remake of our outside light pole and the second time to take back the parts and get replacements for them. They were the wrong size. We have the right ones now. The scenery was pretty and we enjoyed the drive and I took lots of video. Fun Day! Lily looks beautiful and Lacy at Pet Smart did a wonderful job. We also bought Lily a new pink harness to wear. So Miss Lily is pretty in pink!

Well I need to get a move on Lily needs her walk and I need coffee.

Hope everyone has an Amazing Tuesday filled with Hope and Happiness.



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