Bob Where Are You?


Good Morning!

Thank-you to all who have served our Nation in the Military.  I am very grateful to you for your sacrifice to keep us FREE! Thank-you to all who are serving and their families who serve right beside them. May God Bless all of you.

I was looking for Bob the other day and guess where I found him? That’s right he decided to hide out in my flower arrangement. Guess that’s better than a few other places he could try to hide in.

Just a quick post before we head to Louisville to the groomers. We met a nice couple from Florida yesterday right before the storms moved in. We’re going to try and get together later and visit.

It was fun watching the scramble to get off the golf course  before the rain set in. Most made it but a few we could see hurrying to get to their carts and get to the club house.

I reorganized my crafting supplies that I keep here in the Kodiak. It took me two days to get it done and I still need to finish sorting my embroidery thread. I ran out of little bags to put the different colors of thread in. Oh the thread I was looking for, that I thought I’d have to buy, and couldn’t find anywhere. Well I found it in my thread stash yesterday. Yahoo! Only I’ve already done the Blue Berries on my tee-towel. Oh well I’ll have it for next time. I also moved our beach wear to the hamper with the wine until Norm gets the wine rack done on Thursday.

Well coffee cup is empty and I need to get ready to go to Louisville. Hope everyone has a Great Monday.



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