Golf Anyone


Good Morning.

I took this picture the first morning we were here. I loved the way the sun was peeking through the trees.

I gather it’s a good morning here when you can hear  people teeing off. Our site is right at the first hole. We see a lot of golf carts coming and going when we look out our windows. Golfers can be entertaining for sure. Norm smiles a lot so I guess it is bringing back a lot of memories of his Golfing Adventures. Yesterday a husband and wife team were out. He was the only one golfing and he kept missing the hole. The wife was holding the flag at the hole and finally she had enough of him missing and she picked up the ball and walked it back to him. Norm was doing a play- by- play on this one while laughing. That was on the first hole can you just imagine what the next seventeen were like!

Norm is out emptying our tanks and he’s concerned because we are so slopped it may cause issues. He came in and said so far so good. When he’s done I’ll treat the tanks. We empty our tanks about every three or four days depends on our water use. It’s just one of our chores here in the Kodiak.

Yesterday Norm cleaned our AC unit and I started going through and reorganizing my craft supplies I keep here in the Kodiak. I was having a hard time finding certain things so I figured this week-end was a perfect time to sort and reorganize them.  Norm’s working on our future videos this week-end so he stays ahead of the game. Yesterday we did take a short break and went into town for fuel because tomorrow we are driving to Louisville for Lily’s grooming appointment and to do some errands.

I took Miss Lily for her walk early as she was doing the pace thing and she wasn’t happy that the Lady wasn’t there yet for treats and petting. Our walk didn’t take that long this morning as there wasn’t anyone out to visit with.

My coffee cup is empty and I need a refill and to treat my tanks so I had better get a move on. Hope everyone has a Peaceful Easy Sunday filled with Love and Laughter.





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