Finding A Groomer


Good Morning!

Well the view this morning is the watering of the greens and there is a lot of watering going on. I hope the 2 golfers, I saw, aren’t getting drenched by it. Though it might feel good to them with the heat and humidity like it is here this week-end.

I spent part of yesterday calling Groomers for Miss Lily. Most of them were local and closed on Monday do to the holiday. However all of them were booked either up through the 2nd week of June or even all the way through July. We finally found one in Pet Smart that is open Monday and has openings, so I set Lily’s appointment. Pet Smart is right outside of  Louisville, Ky. So we have to leave at 8 am to get there by 9. It’s at least a 30-40 minute drive there. They have good ratings and that is important to us. We also found out we can book her grooming at Pet Smart on-line and that will be a help to us in the future. So Miss Lily is set for Monday. Norm and I will go out to breakfast and do some errands while she’s being beautified. Then back to camp so Lily can try and look pitiful so Norm will give her lots of TREATS! She will succeed too.

Yesterday we planned our FUN things we want to do while we are here. We decided to visit 4 distilleries, two on Tuesday and two on Wednesday. Then Friday we will do the Walking Tour of Bardstown. We know we won’t be able to see everything, there is a very long list of places of interest on the tour map, so we will have to pick out the ones we out a few and visit them. Sunday is going to the Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest. They have hiking trails and a garden. They even have a restaurant there that uses the produce they raise in the garden. I am looking forward to eating there. Then it’s the usual chores to get ready to move on again. Fourteen days pass very quickly and before you know it, it’s time to Journey On.

Oh the Lady who works at the check-in place gives out doggie treats and Lily was in heaven. The Lady made a friend for life and she told Lily to come anytime and she would have a treat waiting for her. Can we all say SPOILED!!!!!

Well my coffee cup is empty and I need a refill so coffee pot here I come. Hope everyone has an Amazing Saturday filled with Fun and Happiness.





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