On The Road Again


Good Morning from Kentucky where the view out my window is an 18 hole Golf Course and yes I am in a State Park. There are already people out there playing golf.

We stopped at several Rest Stops and I just couldn’t resist taking a picture of our Rigs. I am very grateful we have them. The BAT and the Kodiak are perfect for us. Love them!

Well as of yesterday we are now back in the Eastern Time Zone. Who knew that part of Kentucky was in the EST zone, we didn’t that’s for sure. We sure felt the results of the time change though as we had finally adjusted to the Central Time Zone and had to change again. In two weeks we will change time zones again. Awe the life of an RV Nomad! You never know just what Time it really is. Thank heavens our cell phones change time zones automatically. So yesterday we left an hour late, everything takes longer than you think it will, and then we lost an hour on the way here and arrived at 5:15 pm instead of the 4:15 pm we thought we would. What a difference an hour makes!

In the pictures our site looked fairly level. HA HA jokes on us it’s slopped and though we did our very best to level the Kodiak we are still off. We needed more leveling blocks to achieve level! We will be visiting Camping World and looking at their different leveling systems to find the one that will work the best for these kind of situations.

I took one look at this site and disliked it immediately. The pad didn’t seem bad at first it was where they put our utilities that put me off this site.We are having to run our electric cords and our water hoses under the Kodiak to reach the electric and water hook-ups. The electric is about 40 feet away form the RV and the water is a bit closer. Our lines run through our outdoor living space so today we will take a look to make sure they aren’t in the way of where we will cook or sit outside. Another challenge. We had noticed on the way in that most of the RVs that are here are small. Now we know why easy to park and level. Oh the park’s electric shut down this morning too. So today is a set up our campsite and then decide on what fun things we are going to do for the 2 weeks we are here.

Out the window I can see a golf ball on the green not sure where the golfer is that hit it there. Should be interesting to see if he can make the shot from where that ball is lying. Now we have people out there doing their warm up exercises and taking some practice swings. Guess we will hear that whack whack sound of club hitting or trying to hit that little ball all day. Hum, I ask Norm if he misses playing golf and he says no he doesn’t.

Well I am out of coffee and need a refill badly. So I am off to the coffee pot. Hope all of you have an Amazing Friday filled with Joy and Love.




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