You Know Summers Coming When-


Good Morning!

You know Summers coming when you walk out of Walmart and there is a truck and trailer parked next to you with a Hay Bailer on it. That’s when you know Summer is on it’s way  with the long  hot days and long steamy nights. That’s when you start thinking of picnics, the beach or pool, floating down the river on an inner tube just enjoying the day. Also don’t forget all the summer time foods, watermelon, potato salad and BBQ. Hope everyone has a wonderful Summer!

Today is moving day! Yes we are taking this Adventure to Kentucky. We are hoping to be out of here by 10 am this morning. I hear a lot of banging going on and that usually means someone else is packing to leave. A lot of us like to travel on Thursdays and so today we will see more RVs on the road.

Hope everyone has a Terrific Thursday filled with Love and Laughter.  I do need to get a move on so we can leave on time today and Journey On to Kentucky. We would love to arrive there around 2 pm. We shall see!



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