I Need My Chair!


Good Morning!

Today is pack down day and we are excited to be Journeying On to Kentucky. But first we need fuel and I forgot the eggs yesterday so we need to pick them up too. Then let the packing begin.

Yesterday we visited with Kathy and Jim after we got back from our grocery run. Very nice couple and we had a most enjoyable visit. She enjoyed looking at Nikki and Stephanie’s wedding albums. Yes, girls I do have them with me and she loved your weddings gowns. There are a lot of wonderful memories in those two albums.

I was looking through all my pictures of this park and I remember thinking this would be a great place to sit and relax for several hours. It was so peaceful and shady I probably would have caught myself falling asleep for a little nap. We just kept walking, even though I had the urge to stay and sit awhile but we needed to move on.

A lot of Floridians are here this week. The big Class A’s and they are on their way back to Florida. One has already pulled out this morning. Not sure if all of them are leaving today. If so that only leaves about 6 of us in this campground. Very quite and peaceful.

The birds are sure singing and the sun is beautiful coming through the trees. I need to go out and water my plants and then take Lily for her morning walk. So I guess I had better get a move on.

Hope everyone has a Wednesday filled with Happiness and Good Cheer.





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