Oh What A Beautiful Morning


Good Morning!

The sun is shining and the birds are singing. We wish Al and Linda safe travels today. They are headed home to Alabama. It’s been a pleasure getting to know them.

Love this picture we are at the top of the Ozone Falls here in Tennessee and Norm just had to get some video and pictures. I was a nervous wreck the whole time he was on that boulder but hey he had fun!  It is a beautiful area and if you ever get a chance, stop and take a look around. The upper falls area is easy to get to it’s the hike to the bottom that is treacherous.

Today is provisioning day, yep groceries. One of my least favorite jobs but one of the most important as Lily has to have her food and treats!

I did get the laundry done and it was almost painless. I forgot how small towns are and that the meeting places of the locals are the laundromat, beauty salons, barber shops and feed stores and that is where everyone catches up on all the News that is the News. Well folks I got caught up on all the NEWS! You couldn’t help but hear it and unless you were deaf  or wearing headphones you were going to get all of it in sterio and that’s just what I got and a lot of repeating of the news as new people joined in on the conversations. I was glad when the dryer was done.

I was also able yesterday to get our room done and that finishes my full Kodiak clean. Kentucky here we come!!!!

Well yesterday Norm thought Monday was Tuesday and Al thought Monday was Sunday so it was an interesting beginning to our week for Linda and I. We knew what day it was and that was a very good thing! Onward! The morning is slipping away and I need to get it in gear so we can walk Lily. Then it’s off to Walmart and that can take awhile our list is quite long.

Hope everyone has a Beautiful Tuesday filled with Sunshine and Happiness.



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