Paper or Plastic


Good Morning!

Today is laundry day again. So once again we will be heading to the laundromat. We are hoping for just a couple of hours as I don’t have that much to do.

When we went out to eat the other night I ask for a glass of water and they gave me a paper straw. It has been years since I have used a paper straw. I remember using them back when I was a “lot” younger and then the plastic straws became all the craze. It sure was a novelty using a paper straw. With all the environmental issues surrounding the problems with  plastics and their disposal I was happy to see them being used.

We are on our last week here in Tennessee and I can say that this has been a different kind of Adventure. We were able to do some hiking and took one short bike ride but the rest of our Adventures have been the fix it or replace it kind. For the most part everything has worked out for us and that is wonderful. We have also been Blessed with meeting new people and making new friends. There has been a lot of parking entertainment that we have enjoyed and we’ve  been impressed by their lack of or totally amazing backing skills. So yes we do enjoy sitting outside, people watching. They can be so entertaining!

I have all the blinds cleaned but the one in the bedroom which I plan to do later today. Then my cleaning is done for this week. Yeah me just in time to pack her down and move onto Kentucky. We can’t wait!

We had a campfire last evening and our neighbors joined us and we had an enjoyable visit. Campfire coffee was a big hit. Hum thinking of coffee I need to get a refill and then go put on my make-up and get ready to walk the Lily.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday filled with Peace.



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