Look At That View


Good Morning and Welcome to another beautiful day here in Tennessee.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and people are sweeping. Yes I said sweeping. Most of the parks visitors will be leaving today to head home or to their next destination. Some are in a hurry to get out of here while others are taking their time and enjoying every last second of being here before heading out.

Today even though it’s Sunday I will be trying to finish cleaning the blinds and the rest of the Kodiak. I didn’t realize how long that would take me and so a one day project became two. Oh well that’s okay. I just want to get this done before we arrive in Kentucky. There is so much we want to see and do there that the last thing I want to think about is cleaning the Kodiak’s blinds. We want to explore and visit the breweries and so on. We are so excited about all the Adventures that are ahead of us. Norm, Lily and I can’t wait to Journey On this week.

Norm wanted to enjoy the view of the upper falls area so he went out and sat on this rock. It’s pretty close to the rim and I wasn’t even tempted to go out there and join him. So if your wondering where our kids and grand-kids get that Adventurous Spirit you can blame Grandpa! I blamed him a lot while the kids were growing up. Oh the climbing and other antics they got into and he was usually leading the way! Those Were The Days!!!

Norm is working on the wine rack and it is looking great. However he’s had to do some modifications to his original design. I can’t wait till we can put the wine bottles in the wine rack and I can use the hamper for our beach gear.

So far this morning I’ve watered my plants and I wasn’t expecting to have to do that as we were suppose to have had rain earlier this week-end. I am glad we’ve had such beautiful weather here and we’ve been able to sit outside and enjoy the park and also do some people watching. That’s always a fun activity for us.

This afternoon we are having a campfire and some campfire coffee. We are really looking forward to that.

I need more coffee and soon Lily will need her walk. I’m not sure just what I’m making for breakfast yet. Maybe pancakes and bacon. We will see.

We can hear someone trying to hitch and it doesn’t sound good. You can’t mistake the sound of a fifth wheel hitching. We think they finally succeeded.  YEAH!

Hope everyone has a Blessed Sunday filled Hope, Joy and Love.




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