Byrd Lake


Good Morning!

The sun is shining and the kids are out on their bikes enjoying the warm weather. We’ve a pretty full park this week-end. It’s a beautiful day to clean house and sit outside later to watch Norm work on the wine rack. I can’t wait to see the finished product. He did get the electric box in so we have an easy way of plugging in the outside lamp. Works great and looks good. The color of the box goes perfectly with the Kodiak. Yeah Norm!

Welcome to Byrd Lake. The restaurant we ate at last evening is on this lake and the views from the windows are stunning. We did take a short walk around the grounds to see the geese and their babies. There are two matted pairs and they both have little ones. They are adorable. The Lake has a lot of pollen collected on it’s surface and it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. On the left side of the picture the hazy mist on the water is the pollen! We do plan to go back and get some more pictures before we leave for Kentucky.

Since we’ve been here we have been visited by a lot of bees. There have been Bumble Bees, Honey Bees and these little bees that I don’t know what their names are. They do enjoy flying around Lily and that frustrates her a lot. We have to watch her to make sure she doesn’t snap at them and get stung. Then the flies and knats came to visit too. Oh well that’s what happens when you don’t have room to put up your screen room! Mother Nature comes a calling!

I’ve been thinking about what’s in my storage locker and for the life of me I can’t remember what all I have in there. That will be an interesting visit when we return to Florida this fall. I do want to organize it so that we know where everything is. That way we can get what we need quickly and efficiently whenever we go there.

Okay enough rambling!

I need coffee and Lily will need her walk soon. Hope everyone has a Happy Saturday filled with Peace and Joy.




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