Good Morning!

Yes I discovered once again that looks can be very deceiving. If you look at the picture this trail looks beautiful and just invites you to walk along it. Well it is very beautiful but this is a very treacherous and even dangerous, in places, trail according to Norm. I stayed back at the trail entrance and Norm took the trail down to the bottom of the Falls. The guide books don’t tell you about how difficult this trail is for people who aren’t as young or as agile as they were when they were young. So if you are wanting to do this trail please come prepared. Be sure you wear sturdy hiking boots or shoes, you may need a hiking pole and a backpack to carry your water and your camera and first aid kit. Also let someone know that you are doing this trail for when you go down you do have to come back up and for some that is the really hard part for others it’s the going down. You need to know your limitations and if you feel that it is to much then don’t go. I looked at the trail up close and knew that I wouldn’t be able to do it but Norm loves these kinds of challenges and even though it scares me and I do call him CRAZY a lot I would never stop him from trying to go on these adventures. He needs these just like I need a good book to read. So I wait at the end of the trail and pray that he is safe. When he comes back with a smile on his face and loads of pictures and video I am glad I didn’t let my fear get in the way of his adventures. These memories we are making will last us a life-time.

I did drive the F350 the other day and it was a lot of FUN! I really enjoyed myself while I was behind the wheel of our BAT truck. She’s AWESOME!!!!!

Well someone yesterday did take  my old bike. I am so glad she went to a new home.

Today I am getting my hair cut and I can’t wait. My hair has been driving me crazy. I don’t like wearing a side part so my hair and I have been at war for a few weeks now. Whew the battle is almost over and I am smiling!

Tonight we are going to eat at the restaurant here in the park. We try to eat there whenever we camp here. They also have a store inside so I plan to do a little shopping while I am there. I was going to call it a date night but I realize we have a lot of date nights and day dates too. Wow, I never thought of how wonderful that is till now. Writing this Blog has helped me realize just how very Blessed we really are.

The Trash pick-up guys said that there are Black Widow Spiders here in camp and they thought they saw one on our trash can. We will be very careful taking out the trash from now on!!!!!

Well I need to get moving. The coffee is good and so is the companionship but if I don’t get with it the morning will be gone and you poor people will be hearing me whine. Not a pretty though for sure.

Hope everyone has a Friday that makes you smile.




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  1. Have you tried downloading All Trails app? It offers details on thousand of trails and degree of difficulty. Happy trails 😉


    • Thanks for the tip, however you missed the whole point of the post. We always review the hiking trails we’re about to go on. However, the point of this post was, there is no mention of how treacherous this short hike is on the state park information guides. An 80+ year old visitor, only using the available state park info, won’t know they can’t possibly (most 80 year old’s anyway) make this hike.
      But thanks anyway for the sales pitch on the software app.


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