Zoe 2.0


Good Morning!

Today we hike/walk the trail to the OZONE FALLS in the Ozone Falls State National Area here in Tennessee. We have been warned to wear hiking boots or shoes as the trail to the falls has a lot of boulders to walk over to get down to the falls and then walk over to get  back up. We all know how agile I am. NOT!!! So this should be interesting to do and see.

We did our errands yesterday and I did find a bike at Walmart. Zoe 2.0 is a 24 inch bike that I can get on and off fairly easy. She comes equipped with a cup and cell phone holder and a basket on the front. I’m not sure it I will keep the basket as it may cause issues when we put her up on the bike wing. We will see. Zoe is also purple and I haven’t had a purple bike since I was a kid. I also spent some of my Mother’s Day gift on new sunglasses and jewelry. Fun time for me.

We put out my other bike by the trash can and it is now gone. I hope whoever took her will fix her and enjoy riding her.

At Lowe’s I noticed all the pretty flowers in their pots and once again I had to remind myself that I don’t have room for them. At least there are a lot of wild flowers in bloom and I can enjoy them on our walks with Lily and when we are hiking the trails here in the park.

I need to get moving so Lily can have her walk and we can head out for our hike. Hope everyone has a Beautiful Thursday filled with Hope and Thanksgiving.



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