Eagle Project


Good Morning!

The sun is shining and we are in the 40’s headed to the 60’s today. Wishing and hoping for 80 degree weather again.

On our hike yesterday we crossed this little creek on this amazing bridge. This was a Boy Scout’s Eagle Project and I have to say they did an awesome job building it. As we were in the Scouting programs for many many years we are always happy to see what a young mind can see and then accomplish. We have seen many wonderful things these young Scouts have done in our parks and we hope that future Scouts will follow their lead and do even more good works.

Today if I were you I’d stay away from the picnic area as this will be my FIRST time behind the wheel of our F350! I am not worried(to much that is) about driving it. I have driven trucks for a long time and I love them. However trying to reach the peddles will be a challenge as we have to reset the seat and I will wear a pair of shoes with a nice high WEDGE on them to add to my height. Yep I’ve had to do that in every truck I’ve driven so why should this one be any different. Norm just informed me he plans on videoing it. Bah! Humbug!!! Oh well I am doing this in a parking lot because of the dual back tires that make the turning radius wider and I want to get the feel of that before I venture out on the roads. Safety First and Fun Later!

Today is a Lowe’s and Walmart run. Lowe’s for parts and Walmart to try out bikes. Norm told me this morning the one good thing to come out of the bike mess is I can get a bike I can get on and off of easily. I won’t have to lay the bike down to get on or off. Yes I am that SHORT. So today I am in search of Zoe 2.0!

The hike yesterday was challenging do to the roots, mud, and rocks we had to walk, climb and slosh through. Otherwise it was a fairly easy trail. Of course it took longer than usual as we had to stop and take pictures and video also we are not as agile as we use to be. It was an interesting hike and the scenery was beautiful.

Well I guess i had better get moving I need coffee and Lily needs her walk. Hope all of you have a Wonderful Wednesday filled with Happiness, Laughter and Love.


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