Knight and Zoe


Good Morning from our home in Tennessee.

The sun is shining and after breakfast we are going to hike Byrd Creek Trail. It’s a short hike only 2 miles. It shouldn’t take us to long to hike it.

Yesterday was an eye opening experience for us and I am not talking about the 5th wheel that had a major problem trying to park do to road rage. More on that later. I am talking about becoming complacent in our everyday lives. We had put our bikes upon our bike rack, locked and covered them 30 days ago and expected that they were safe up there and didn’t bother to look under the cover till yesterday when we took them down. Norm was surprised that the straps that hold the back wheels in place were undone and off the back tire on my bike. Now my bike rides on the front part of the bike rack and his is on the back side of the rack. We did this as Norm’s bike is heavier than mine and it is easier to put his up first and then put up mine . Any way he thought this was strange and after we got the bikes down we notice that my reflector on my rear wheel was broken. It still didn’t sink in that there was something wrong with my bike until after we rode around the campground and I had some issues with my bike. When we got back to camp Norm turned my bike over and sure enough my whole back tire is messed up. Well with much deliberation we finally figured out that we had not been hit by any vehicle but that someone had tried to steal my bike and when they discovered the bike lock that you would have to cut off, in their frustration, they slammed my back bike tire into the bike rack and ruined it. Norm looked up the cost of parts to fix my bike and they are almost half of what the bike cost so I will be getting a new bike. This will be my 4th bike since we started this Journey. I plan to name her Zoe 2. So I found a few on Walmart’s web-site and we are going to the store for me to try their bikes out there. We may have to order it into the store but that’s okay we are here till Thursday of next week when we will Journey On.

Okay Parking Road Rage!

The 5th wheel that came in yesterday is a prime example of what not to do in a park. Don’t get angry because you can’t get into your site on the first try. Calm down and look the site over then take your time to park. I gather this must be an ongoing thing with him as the wife never got out of the truck to direct him in. When after the first 3 or 4 times of not getting into his site he left here as fast as he could and I was concerned about his driving, then here he came again and tried to whip that 5th wheel into the site and he was headed for a tree. I was watching out the back window saying your going to hit the tree he did stop a foot off that tree. Norm got up then. He was laying down do to the medicine he took for his sinus. I told him about the guy who was now backing towards the concrete picnic table. Norm stopped him from hitting that and then helped him park his rig. Norm noticed that he had messed up the quarter panel on his slide out so he had to have hit something. He told Norm he hit a pole and when we walked around the campground we found right where he had done it. There was no reason to be over that close to the poles as there was a lot of road there. In his anger he took the curve to close to the poles and nailed his rig. On our walk back to camp our other neighbors stopped us and talked with Norm. They had watched him and were afraid he would hit our truck or their tree and then their truck they saw him scrape that pole. We gather they are only here overnight and I hope they have a safe trip to where ever they are going.

Our lives as RV Nomads is rarely boring and you do meet the most interesting people. Some people are just wonderful and you want to keep in touch and others you just shake your head and hope you survive their being in camp and check their check out date to find out when they will be moving on! It’s survival of the calmest and that is not always me!

On that note I hope all of you have a Terrific Tuesday filled with Fun Adventures and Love.




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