Hello Monday!


Good Morning!

The sun is shining and it’s 50 degrees right now. Hello, just where did our warm weather go? Maybe the warm weather said forget this and headed south. All I know is I am cold again and I want my warm 80 degree weather back.Okay enough whining!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I did it was different but nice. A very lazy day the hardest thing for us was getting out of the DQ parking lot and keeping Lily out of the mud. She has a thing for mud!!! Of course Norm was a sweetie and BBQ’d in the rain so I could have pork steaks for dinner. They were delicious! Thank-you Norm.

Today is take the bikes down and ride around and I also need to clean the bathroom. Such an exciting Monday. The rest of the week we’ve planned a little hiking, biking, going out to dinner and getting my hair cut. I also believe we have a Lowe’s visit planned.

The young lady who cut my hair the last time I thought did a good job until it started to grow out and I figured out she had cut a different version of my hairstyle than the one I told her I wanted. We had some miscommunication. I will be sure to tell who ever is cutting my hair this time, more than once, that I do not want a side part! A side part is a pain especially when that is not the way you normally wear your hair and even though I told her no to the side part I guess she either didn’t hear me or misunderstood what I was telling her. Now my hair and I are at war again at least till Friday.

Moses would be happy the Trash truck is by our campsite. This full hook-up site is awesome. A nearly level poured pad, water,electric, sewer and your own trash can. Just be sure to put the two heavy rocks on the lids to keep the critters out. Our neighbors didn’t and their trash is all over their campsite. This is the third time we’ve camped here and we love this park in Tennessee. They do have cabins and even a swimming pool and a golf course for those people that can’t go a day with out playing at least nine holes of golf. There are fees to use the pool and the golf course but I don’t know how much the fees are.

Well I do need to get  moving as Lily isn’t allowed to walk herself and I need more coffee so a trip to the coffee pot sounds good right now.

Hope everyone has a Marvelous Monday.



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