Fast Food Heaven


It’s a rainy morning here in Tennessee. Hope everyone is having a good morning. I had a nice long phone visit with my Mom. There was a lot of reminiscing going on. We’ve had a lull in the rain and now it looks like it’s going to start again so Norm took Lily for her walk early.

Yesterday after all the stress of Thursday’s set up and reset up Norm had decided we need a Long John Silvers lunch and I happily agreed with him. I was surprised when I noticed the Dairy Queen is right across the street from them. So tomorrow ,Mother’s Day, we are doing an ice cream run.

I decorated differently this time. I didn’t put as much out as I usually do.  Just not in the mood I guess. That happens to me from time to time. I’ve felt kind of moody for the last few days. I know I’ll work through it just a lot on my mind and it’s not RVing related.

The rain has cooled things down and we are back to wearing jackets and that includes Lily wearing hers too. It’s suppose to warm up later in the week. Yeah us!

This Spring has been interesting. I have seen flowers, shrubs, trees and vines in bloom that I have not seen since we moved to Florida in 1998. I forgot just how beautiful the Spring can be all the green, the flowers so bright and beautiful and the smells of the  blossoms at times is almost overwhelming. We could have used a lot less pollen on our rigs though. That would have made Spring a lot easier on Norm’s allergies.

Not sure just what I’ll do today. I have a book I want to finish so I am sure that’s on the top of my to do list. I may do some crafting or cleaning later but for now I need a cup of coffee. So off to the coffee pot I go.

Hope all of you have an exciting Saturday filled with Love and Laughter.





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