Good Morning from our home in Tennessee.

Remember the old song Count Your Blessings. Count your blessings name them one by one. Count your many blessings see what God has done. How very true for us is the words of this song. Yesterday there were many times we were Blessed on our way here. We traveled in good weather, no rain. It only started raining as soon as we reached the park. No issues parking and setting up OR so we thought. Now here is the main Blessing he gave us yesterday. We used our old blocks that we had trouble with at Tullulah Gorge S.P. with the tongue jack sliding off the blocks while we were trying to hitch. We should have discarded them then but we didn’t and went on to use them until last night. Last night Norm took some trash out to the can and discovered that the tongue jack was half off the blocks and the scissor jacks had moved too. I prayed a lot as we worked to figure out a solution. Norm figured out what we needed to do and I figured out what we had we could use to accomplish it with. So together with the Lord’s guidance we hitched and changed the blocks for a more sturdy kind and then used our leveling blocks for the other jacks to rest on. We unhitched and do to all this we are a shade unlevel and that is okay with us. I don’t want to have to redo everything to move her 6 inches. So we are safe and happy once again and Counting Our Blessings for sure.

We aren’t sure what are plans will be today as we had heard we were in for a lot of rain. Some weather apps say yes and some say no to the rain issue. Right now we have sunshine and are in the 60’s. Now the next 2 days we will have a lot of rain or so they say. I’d really like to know who this THEY is and are they accurate. So today I will do my inside and outside decorating as we arrived later than we had planned and we had dinner at 8 p.m. last night. It was a long day for us. We changed times zones too and that meant that Lily was up bouncing at 5 a.m. this morning. We made her stay in bed till 6 and she wasn’t real happy with us.

Long John Silver’s will be lunch and an easy day in camp. Well I need to get moving so Miss Lily can have her walk. I need more coffee!

Hope everyone has a Fantastic Friday filled with many Blessings Great and Small.



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