Good-Bye Georgia!


Good Morning!

Today we say good-bye to Georgia and hello to Tennessee. Yes, we are headed into the mountains and from the forecast into at least 4 days of rain. Hope we get our Kodiak set up before the rains set in. Time to get the weather radio out of the drawer and use it.

On our last walk yesterday I found this four leaf clover. I was excited about finding it. I have been finding a few of them since we started camping here in Georgia. Four Leaf Clovers have fond memories for me of the times I spent with my Grandmother. She was a four leaf clover finding champ. I miss her.

Oh yesterday I decided to try on my new capri leggings before I put them away and to my surprise one of the pair are long enough to be regular leggings. The other pair was the right length. Guess it doesn’t pay to be a short person. The problem I have is petite length is to short and regular length is to long. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me either.Oh well I like both pairs and that is a good thing. New clothes and shoes always make me smile!

Packing is done and we are ready to hitch and Journey On so I need to get moving. Hope everyone has a Thursday filled with Sunshine and Lollipops.


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