We’re Not On Vacation


Good Morning from Georgia.

Tomorrow we move on to Tennessee and the Cumberland Mountains. We are so looking forward to the Journey and the Adventures we will have there. Today is our packing day and we need to be able to move out early as we will have a four and a half hour drive. Lots of Video and Pictures to take as we Journey On. Excited!

We became Nomads in August of 2018 and we’ve been talking about the Journey we’re on and how a lot of people seem to think we are on a permanent vacation. I know that it may look that way but this is just our everyday life now. Our new Life-Style has a lot of ups and some downs but I can say for sure it’s normally not BORING!  We do still have a budget we stick to and a daily schedule we try to keep. Over all we are pretty flexible with the schedule part of our lives. The budget however we do stick to the same as we did when we were in a sticks and bricks house. We always discuss what we want to do and what we need to do and what we have to do and these can become a long list of things. So we keep the list in a book and mark them off as we do them. We appreciate all of your suggestions of places to see and things to do  and we add these to our To Be Considered in the Future List. As Nomads we are not in a permanent place so ordering things on-line can be challenging. I also have to remind myself that I don’t have the Craft Stash like I use to and I need to buy things in smaller amounts and there isn’t always a craft store close by for me to visit. Planning is everything in doing projects and especially in the cooking department. Now did I remember everything I need to make such-n-such! A lot of the time that’s a NO! It can wait till we get to our next park and I’ll get it then. I’ve learned to laugh at myself a lot since we’ve been on the road. There are days when life in general is hard but that would occur no matter where we are. Here I can take a walk or just sit outside and enjoy the Peace and Quite and my mood improves immediately.

No matter where you are things you use a lot or even a little will wear out and you need to replace them. The Dremel is a prime example of that. So we stopped at Home Depot and Norm tried out a few before he picked a replacement. That’s when we started feeling a little sad. There’s no big projects in our immediate future. No remodeling to do and no yard to mow or flowers,trees,shrubs or gardens to plant. Though it makes you sigh and feel sad for a little while when you get in the Ford and head HOME to the Kodiak and she’s sitting in this beautiful campsite all of the sadness goes away and is replaced with gladness and peace. We are Blessed to be able to travel as RV Nomads and we are very grateful. Our First Video as Nomads came up on U-Tube as I was watching one of the cooking shows I enjoy and we watched it. Oh the excitement and joy that was in our voices and on our faces was wonderful to see and was a further reminder of  why we are on this Journey and having these Adventures. When we no longer can do these things we will have all these wonderful memories to help us through the long days and nights to come. Journey On!

Hope everyone has a Wonderful Wednesday full of Happiness and Good Cheer.





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  1. Beautifully stated.


  2. Well written I would love to lead that type of life someday and your story is an inspiration to me.


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