Provisioning Day!


Good Morning!

Norm’s off to empty the tanks and I am doing a few things here before breakfast and off to Home Depot and Walmart for our bi-weekly provisioning. In other words Groceries!

I thought I’d share this photo I took of the outside kitchen that was used by the homesteaders here in Georgia. There is a Beehive oven, I am not sure just how well that would cook a pizza but I gather it still works. The are several open fire pits with a hanging rack over them where you can hang your big pots to cook stews or beans over the fire and even a grated cooking area for your grilling of meats or can be used for the coffee pot or dutch oven cooking. Even big cast ion skillets and other pans and pots could be used there to cook their breakfasts, lunches or dinners. I keep reminding myself there was no Fast Food then. You caught it, raised it, and cooked it yourself or you didn’t eat. We are sure spoiled today, with all the places we can enjoy where someone else does the prepping, cooking, serving and cleaning up. I am grateful for these places for there are days I am not in the mood to cook and do the clean up afterwards.

It was pleasant sitting outside yesterday enjoying the Spring weather. We are hoping to do some more of that this afternoon. Tomorrow is packing and the count down for leaving the state of Georgia has begun. We are excited about Journeying On. Georgia has been good to us but we are excited about the Adventures we will have in the New States we will be Journeying through! We can hardly wait!

Well I need to get busy here or the morning will be gone and I will be wondering where did the time go. So off to the coffee pot for a refill and then onward.

Hope you have a Totally Awesome Tuesday.


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