Where Have All The Flowers Gone?


Good Morning!

Cloudy here this morning. We are suppose to have rain later today. Oh well this will be a day to do some inside chores. Norm’s already emptied the tanks and I’ve treated the black one. Will do the gray one after the breakfast dishes.

Remember the song “Where Have All The Flowers Gone.” Yesterday as I stood in this 1800 cemetery I thought of this song and wondered about all the old cemeteries that have disappeared do to neglect, lack of family to care for them or even being moved because they are in the way of a highway or other building projects. I know of several cemeteries where I grew up in Missouri that are like this one. I wonder if someday someone like me will stand there and wonder the same things I did. When you are there and your reading the stones it takes you back in time. A time when things were not as easy as they are now. I know a lot of you are saying these times aren’t easy either and they aren’t to a point. However we do have doctors and medicines that they didn’t have back then. If our family member is ill there is a doctor or hospital they can go to get some help. Back in the 1800’s that wasn’t the case. It gives you a new appreciation for what we have now that we take for granted everyday.

Yesterday was Field Trip day for the local children here. We saw 3 buses of them and they seemed eager to  learn about the way the people lived in that block house so long ago. They also went on the Blueberry Trail. We returned later in the day and took the trail and visited the house they used as a fort if the Indians attacked them. We weren’t able to go inside but that’s okay. It was fun just roaming around and looking at the site. Yes I did take pictures.

Well I need coffee and Lily needs a walk so I guess I had better get moving.

Hope all of you have a Special Saturday filled with lots of Joy and Love.


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