I Need A Hammock!


Good Morning!

Gloomy here today. Hoping the rain holds off till we’ve done our hikes and Fort explorations. There is an 18th century cemetery that I want to visit too.

Going through my pictures I found this one from the other day and I remember thinking boy I wish I had a hammock. I could wile away some hours just laying here listening to the birds and enjoying the peace and quite. It was such a beautiful, peaceful place.

What an awesome Ford Dealership they have here. They delivered our Ford back to us at our campsite. That was amazing to us and the Ford is running great and now all the lights on our Kodiak work too. We are very happy campers! We can’t stop SMILING!

Lily up date. We have discovered when she wants you to carry her up the hills she starts walking slower than a Snail. It then takes us three times as long to walk a few feet than it normally does. She also gives you these sad eyes. When the pavement is hot we pick her up and carry her to the shady spots and make her continue her walk and she just gets slower and slower until we finally make it home. She’s spoiled rotten can you tell?

Today is a little or no make-up day. I got caught up in reading a book this morning and now I am running a little behind. Hey it was a good book. So I decided to do some quick make-up and be done with it. Hat day too but that’s a different story there.

Well I need to get moving or I’ll never get Lily out for her morning walk. Hope everyone has a Friday filled with Hope, Love, Joy and Compassion.




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