Where The Road Leads!


Have you ever looked at a winding road and wondered just where does that road go? I do all the time. We see a lot of roads on our hikes through the parks and even on the drive here. I often wonder what would I find if I veered off my chosen path and followed that road. I did that on a hike a few days ago at Tallulah Gorge and we found a bridge over rapids. It was beautiful! I don’t do that often as I am a follow the rules type person but that time I just had to follow the sound of running water. I am very glad we did. This road in this picture intrigues me but I very much doubt I will follow it, but I can’t help wondering if I did just where would it take me.

Good Morning!

Coffee tastes wonderful this morning and I find myself in slow motion today. Not sure why that is either.

Well today we are going to so some video work and wait for the Ford Dealership to call. They called yesterday and it was the fuses that were causing the running light issue with the Kodiak. That’s fixed. Then they told us our brakes are almost gone on our B.A.T. truck so we told them to replace them. So that is what they will do today. We don’t want to be towing through Tenn. and have brake issues going down a 7.2 grade. So sometime today we will get our B.A.T. truck back and she will be ready to roll. We do our best to keep both of our rigs in top running order. Maintenance is the KEY!

I need more coffee two cups is never enough!

Hope everyone has a Terrific Thursday filled with Hope and Happiness.


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