Beer and Chicken


Good Morning!

Norm just left to drop off the Ford at the dealership. They will bring him back home while they are working on the Ford. We are hoping they can find out why when the Kodiak is hooked up to the Ford we have no running lights. I am grateful we have brake and turn signal lights when we are hooked up to the Ford. We do need the running lights especially if we are traveling in the rain or at night. With them you can see my Kodiak without them you can’t! Just hope the BILL is reasonable.

The lady at Great Clips who cut Norm’s hair was a sweetie. She was very helpful in telling us where the shoe store was and that it was in a Publix Shopping Center. We were very excited to hear about the Publix. So Yes you guessed it Chicken for dinner. We also buy the single beers there. That way we can try different varieties of beer and not have to get a lot of anyone kind. It’s a win-win for us. Found out this Publix is only 5 minutes from the park.

Today was suppose to be an exploring the park day but that’s on hold for now. The truck is more important at the moment. So Friday we will explore the rest of the park. Today I will clean and he’s going to work on videos. Norm also bought a new game to play on the PS 4.

Well I need more coffee before I exercise and get moving on with my day. Hope everyone has a Winsome Wednesday filled with Fun and Love.


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