The Shire?


Good Morning!

Yes we did go hiking and what I thought was going to be a 3 to 4 mile hike was actually a 7 mile hike round trip. We were tired and sore when we got back and I can say I still am today. We are really glad we went and we saw some beautiful scenery too. When we were walking through this patch of trees/bushes Norm said,” Hey this reminds me of the Shire.” There were other areas that reminded us of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. Well Norm is always looking for Big Foot and Survivor Man areas too.  So our hikes can be very entertaining. Our hikes take longer because we are always taking pictures, doing video, stopping for drinks and a snack and looking for neat places to hide or survive. So yes we do take longer than the average person who hikes these trails. Well we do have a lot of fun even though it’s tiring and our bodies are yelling at us to go sit down and act our age!

Today we are doing a few errands and then home to enjoy sitting outside in the screen room. We are looking forward to that and so is Lily. She likes to go out there then she can see and bark at the world as it passes by her campsite. As we have learned everything and every place we stay belongs to Lily. Only all the other dogs in the park feel the same way too and they are quick to let you know that. Makes for some noisy walks and hikes.

Well my coffee cup is empty and I need a refill and to get moving with my day. I hope all of you have a Terrific Tuesday filled with Hugs and Kisses.



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